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What is LOMI LOMI?

Since ancient times, 'work with body' has played an extremely significant role in Hawaii. It not only comprised massage techniques well known today, but also had a whole range of spiritual aspects of human life. Many elements of this ancient 'work with body' survived to this day and Hawaiians call it KINO MANA. LOMI LOMI massage primarily has been practiced in temples by 'kahunas'. Word 'kahuna' describes a expert in some field. In this case, it is a massage expert which is determined by the term KAHUNA LAPA'AU. 

LOMI LOMI massage was connected with a ritual dance around a stone altar. Therefore, it used to be called a ritual dance massage. The place and surroundings was also important in this ceremony.

LOMI LOMI was also a rite of passage, performed as a purifying practice, but also a holiday which was meant to prepare a person for a new, important undertaking in his or her life. 

LOMI LOMI is a comprehensive massage in the full meaning of this word. Its purpose is not only to relax strained muscles, but also to affect the whole individual through eliminating tensions and blockades in hi inner self. LOMI LOMI cures the patient's psyche in a natural way, and the treatment is a feast for the senses. Lomi Lomi is an inner view on a cherished desire, with the patient listening to engaging sounds sensing the tropical warmth, and always returning immense touch of specific parts of the body. All these elements contribute to the patient entirely indulging in the massage. In this freed state primeva perception-which lies beyond the consciousness and imagination of many people-returns. Our imagination about possible and impossible things very often obstructs the path to happiness. All these barrier should be broken down.

During LOMI LOMI massage, the patient should turn off his mind. Only through complete relaxation, trusting and acceptance, can one experience losing tension and indulging in the new quality of feelings.

Through the means of massage people can return to their natural state of harmony and inner balance. Massage awakens anew the curiosity and happiness which lurks in every human being.

LOMI LOMI enables patients to accept their essences. This process leads to self-discovery and self-release from the aggravating thought patterns and habits. Therapists can support this process through passin feelings onto the patient. A therapist should accept the patient as he is and not attempt to change him because any changes to the consciousness can be only done by the patient.

The masseur draws his attention to the patient through touch and imagination. Energy proceeds with care and where the energy flows, healing occurs. This healing energy flows to the same extent through th masseur and the patient.

Lomi Lomi Massage




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